AMPLYFI Signals - April Recap

published9 months ago
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Welcome to AMPLYFI Signals - April Recap!

Last month's highlights...

Media discussions skyrocket around blockchain technology, digital assets and NFTs

Blockchain technology, digital assets and NFTs have all seen mass growth in both adoption and awareness over recent years. AMPLYFI, through analysis of news documents, has used its machine-driven platform to discover trends in media discussions of NFTs, blockchain technology and digital assets. Our latest insights piece explores key aspects in the news about these emerging technologies, including keyphrases and organisations associated with NFTs.

Monitoring energy market dynamics in turbulent times

Oil and energy markets are virtually inseparable from geopolitical events. From the multiple oil crises of the 1970s, the Gulf wars, 9/11, and now the latest Russian invasion in Ukraine, energy markets are once again being shaped by shifting geopolitical realities. The effect of changing supply dynamics, economic sanctions, and shifting foreign policy objectives are hitting businesses and consumers through commodity price rises, inflation throughout the economy and all the resulting uncertainty.

But, what dynamics lie behind this? And, how do they compare with the last period of significant price volatility, in 2014? We've used our technology platform to conduct machine-learning analysis into the current market volatility, and compared this with an analysis of the global discussion from 2014.

AMPLYFI meets with the Lord Mayor of the City of London as part of mayoral visit to Wales

AMPLYFI, this month, took part in a roundtable event featuring a meeting of business leaders in Wales with the Lord Mayor and his advisors to build relationships and share ideas between the City of London and Wales. Key themes in the discussion included industry clustering and collaboration, export growth programs and internationalisation and digital tech skills and training. AMPLYFI, as a leading tech scale-up in Wales with international operations and many overseas customers, were able to share our experiences and discuss ideas to realise the potential for Wales to compete on the global stage.

Will Crypto-Backed Loans Go Mainstream?

The reason most of us continue to use traditional banking and financial services is our trust in central authorities and high street brands. But if we start to lose this trust, what will we turn to?

Crypto-backed loans are in the process of becoming mainstream, with many companies already offering products, and traditional banks set to follow. Read our latest blog to hear from our co-founder Chris Ganje exploring the current landscape of crypto-backed loans - "This is just a glimpse into the opportunities enabled by we b3 for the finance industry. Other innovative but nascent ideas are emerging."

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