AMPLYFI Signals: How are smart city technologies being deployed and developed over time?

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Smart Cities: How are technologies being deployed and developed over time?

Smart cities use digital solutions to make a city more efficient. With the rapid development of data and technology, their development is becoming an increasingly prominent.

We have used our AI-driven research capabilities to analyse the global dialogue around smart cities.

Media sentiment comparison of Liz Truss vs Rishi Sunak

We've used our AI platform to analyse the sentiment of UK prime ministers Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. Our event timeline shows the media sentiment for Liz Truss, with a clear negative trend, and Rishi Sunak, whose sentiment was generally low but rose as Truss resigned.

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Discussions of gender equality in the news up by 343% since 2010

In a recent webinar, we welcomed Lucy Young (Head of SaaS Delivery @ AMPLYFI), May Yu (Research Analyst @ AMPLYFI) and our CEO Paul Teather for a discussion on the current global dialogue around gender equality. They explored research from our tool into the growth in news discussions around gender equality, as well as key topics and emerging trends.

The session also discussed our targets as a startup, initiatives to empower women to grow into senior leadership roles, the impact of COVID-19 and more.

What is the state of China’s AI workforce demand?

Our recent work with Georgetown University's Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), analysed 6.8 million Chinese job postings to analyse the state of AI workforce demand in China.

CSET's report on the project reveals new insight on desired education and experience, salaries, and location of AI related jobs in China. AMPLYFI's Head of Professional Services, Oliver Hayman, also moderated CSET's webinar last week in which the initial findings of the research were shared.

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