AMPLYFI Signals - how can companies use data to inform strategic decisions?

published5 months ago
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Data is growing - how can your business utilise it?

Only 2% of data stored by organisations is accessed after the first use. And, 95% of this data is unstructured - not in a single, organised format.

At AMPLYFI we have made this area of complex, unstructured data our home. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: how can companies inform strategic decisions using unstructured data?

We're sharing our expertise in a new white paper, exploring:

  • The growth of data as it stands today.
  • Deriving value from big, unstructured datasets.
  • How you can inform strategic desicisons using data.
  • Common pitfalls of trying to leverage unstructured data in commercial contexts and how best to avoid them.

How AI can help early-stage recognition of disruption

In 2013, digital camera sales dropped by 36%, driven by improving smartphone cameras.

We've used our analysis capabilities to delve into this disruption and analyse early warning signals which could have highlighted the impending changes to the market.

AMPLYFI's analysis shows that in 2013, the organisation most closely connected to the increased prominence of the digital camera was not the likes of Canon or Nikon, but Apple, the smartphone manufacturer, with Apple becoming the company with the strongest link to ‘digital camera’ in 2012.

Before camera sales had started to fall, Apple had already entered the top-5 companies most linked to digital cameras.

The analysis even revealed significant smartphone technology enablers - such as battery life, CMOS image sensors and touch screens had also started to emerge in discussions.

Digital transformation in education: trends amid pandemic disruptions and beyond

COVID-19 disrupted education worldwide. Pandemic response measures such as social distancing and stay-at-home directives meant over 160 billion students faced school closures globally. In response, institutions were forced to rapidly digitise their academic content, leveraging education technology (EdTech) tools to facilitate remote learning.

We’ve used our platform to surface trends into how education is evolving in the age of rapid digital transformation.

The insights explore:

  • Key technologies in education.
  • Countries leading the way in using technology as an education enabler.
  • The media sentiment around the topic.

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