AMPLYFI Signals: Are smart grids obsolete before their time?

publishedover 1 year ago
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Last month's highlights...

Leapfrogging the Smart Generation

Analysis conducted using our AI-driven platform highlights that the world is set to continue to invest billions of dollars more to smarten our electricity grids with technologies that could rapidly become obsolete.

“Our machine-driven analysis has revealed technologies that sit, not in the next wave of power technologies, but in waves beyond that”

Influencing Policy through Analysis of Global Innovation Comparators

Research from AMPLYFI’s AI platform enabled The Innovation Advisory Council for Wales, a Welsh Government advisory body, to gain insight into the global innovation landscape and inform a refreshed innovation policy for Wales.

AMPLYFI leveraged its machine analysis pipeline to analyse and draw insights from over 60,000 documents discussing innovation globally. The analysis includes insight into; the technology landscape and significance of various leading technological innovations, the top innovation drivers linked to sustainability and leading innovative institutions and locations.

AMPLYFI attends Cardiff NLP Workshop

Cardiff NLP Workshop brings together industry and academia leaders in Natural Language Processing.

The event featured talks from AMPLYFI team members, including discussions on 'Unlocking the value of free text for better decision-making' and 'NLP research in industry and academia'. View our highlights here.

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