Disrupters in Alcohol Industry, F1 Fanbase and Top Stories - August 2023

published4 months ago
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This month's highlights...

Is the global drinks industry embracing the low and no-alcohol trend?

Exploring How the Consumption of Low and No Alcohol Drinks is a Growing Trend in the Global Drinks Industry:

  • Explore how health-conscious demand drives the rise of low and no-alcohol beverages.
  • Discover how the Industry innovates with flavorful non-alcoholic options to meet changing preferences.
  • Uncover technological breakthroughs that mimic alcoholic tastes in alcohol-free drinks.
  • Learn how the Low and no-alcohol sector outperforms the overall market, presenting growth opportunities.

How did 'Drive to Survive' transform F1's fanbase?

Uncovering How ‘Drive to Survive’ Transformed F1’s Fanbase:

  • Explore how 'Drive to Survive' introduced F1 to new audiences, reshaping the fanbase.
  • Uncover media insights: Mentions of F1 and 'Drive to Survive' soared as the show gained popularity.
  • Discover growth in underperforming markets: US viewership grew by 40% after 'Drive to Survive.'
  • Uncover how the success of 'Drive to Survive' inspired similar sports docuseries in entertainment and commercial domains.

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