Disruptions in Automotive, Marine, Agriculture and Supply Chains - AMPLYFI Signals: June 2023

This month's highlights...

How Ceramics are Helping Drive the EV Revolution

Uncovering the role of ceramics in electric vehicle (EV) production & innovation:

  • Tesla’s dominance, Ford’s $50B investment, and the crucial role of ceramics in shaping the future
  • Explore how ceramics revolutionise EV batteries, enhancing performance, charging speed, and longevity
  • Dive into the crucial role of ceramics in maintaining optimal temperatures and preventing overheating in EV components

How Agrivoltaics Could Change the Farming & Energy Sector

Exploring the role of agrivoltaics in farming and energy production:

  • Uncover how the dual-use system combats global food security
  • Discover the potential of agrivoltaics for shade-tolerant crops
  • Explore the challenges facing agrivoltaics, such as high installation costs

How Energy Efficiency Could Transform the Marine Industry

A better understanding of how energy efficiency is impacting marine transportation:

  • Prominent players like Maersk are leading decarbonisation efforts
  • Discover alternative energy sources powering modern ships
  • AI technology is reshaping the maritime industry
  • Explore how Fuel efficiency regulations drive sustainability

The Growing Impact of AI on Sustainable Agriculture

Exploring the concept of sustainability in agriculture, trends, and the role of AI in meeting the growing food demand while protecting the planet:

  • Addressing environmental and social concerns while meeting growing food demand
  • Regenerative agriculture and technology driving innovation in the field
  • Learn about CropIn, Farmwise, Blue River Technology, Aerobotics, Monarch, Taranis, The Climate, OneSoil, Intelligent Growth Solutions, and Semios...

Exploring Alternative Proteins

Some of our key findings around Alternative Proteins:

  • Explore the emerging proteins sources such as algae and lab-grown meat
  • Discover how novel proteins can combat diseases such as breast cancer
  • How novel proteins are used as animal feed to minimise the environmental impact of livestock farming

How Industry 4.0 Technology is Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

Uncover the role of Industry 4.0 in transforming supply chains:

  • Explore how Industry 4.0 is driving efficiency, agility, and innovation
  • Discover cutting-edge platforms for supply chain management, such as IBM Food Trust
  • Key players using Industry 4.0 tech, including the world’s largest diamond manufacturer
  • Explore how technologies such as blockchain, IoT, and AI help eliminate pollution from supply chains

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