AMPLYFI Signals: Data discovery, plant-based eating and supply chain financing

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Welcome to AMPLYFI Signals - May Recap!

Last month's highlights...

Data discovery: How do we process the ocean of information on the web for better decision making?

We are experiencing a period of rapid data growth. In 2015, the amount of information available on the web hit 1 Zettabyte (ZB), in 2020 this number grew to 40ZB, and according to Cisco’s Global Web Traffic Report, this number is set to reach 174ZB by 2025. To put this into perspective, if you attempted to download 174ZB it would take over 400 million years with the average global broadband speeds currently available.

It is safe to say that the amount of data available on the internet is vast, unstructured and near immeasurable, and will increase in abundance in the foreseeable future.

In our latest blog, we explore the value of data, data analysis methods and AMPLYFI's capabilities.

Plant based eating has soared in recent years. But, how will the latest developments in meat-free proteins shape our diets?

Plant-based eating is increasing year-by-year. Our AI-driven platform shows that news discussions on the topic have increased in the past 15 years. With this rise in demand for plant-based products come new advancements in the field of meat-free proteins.

But, have you heard of In-Vitro meat? The lab-grown meat alternative makes up part of a booming plant-based protein industry expected to reach $15 billion by 2026. In-vitro meat could truly power a revolution in food consumption and production if commercialised, and would have the potential to lead a shift into more conscious and sustainable consumption.

Web3 Deep-tier Financing

If our experience through catastrophic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the health of supply chains is of utmost importance to survive and prosper when facing major disruption. In virtually any supply chain, sitting behind a few giant first-tier suppliers with global brands are hundreds if not thousands of smaller niche suppliers scattered throughout its deeper tiers.

AMPLYFI co-founder Chris Ganje explores the importance of affordable supply chain financing, and why now is the time to unlock deep-tier affordable financing for all.

Visit us at the AI Summit!

The AI Summit London brings together the most forward-thinking technologists and business professionals for an unparalleled celebration of learning, networking, and insight into how the use of AI is transforming our lives and organisations. AMPLYFI will be exhibiting at the event this year, held at Tobacco Dock in London.

Be sure to visit us at Booth 305 to discover our AI-driven research.

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